viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2018

Change for Good

 Change for Good

We are so proud to announce our most recent editorial release for the American, Canadan and European market: Change for Good, an amazing book written by Bernard Ross and Omar Mahmoud, designed (cover and interior design) by Susana Cabrera. The copyediting was made by the eagle eyes of our favorite copyeditor Martha Hurley, and the most patient and talented typesetting was made by Rosa Trujano. Mr. Ross has written many books in terms of fundraising and behavioral economics. He is a big-hearted and intelligent person who taught us so much! Thank you and Omar for giving us such a great experience!

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This breakthrough book is about how we as human beings make decisions –and how anyone involved in the field of social change can help individuals or groups to make positive choices using decision science. It draws on the latest thinking in behavioural economics, neuroscience and evolutional psychology to provide a powerful practical toolkit for fundraisers, campaigners, advocacy specialists, policy makers, health professionals, educationalists and social activists. It also shows how techniques in common use in commercial settings can be applied to the social sector.

Design Insights

Every editorial project we make is a unique body, the cover design is done in accordance with the interior pages, more even on text books where typeface and publishing design has to lead an easy reading experience. Contents, composition, wording, typeface, blanc spaces, chapters, subtitles are a body combined to offer functionality and charm, to make it comprehensable, readable and enjoyable.

The arrows were the key element to "guide" the reading as well as the path to achieve a "change for a better world". The cover has a background based on arrows pointing the opposite way than the one that holds the title, bracing the concept with an inverted word "Change".

Typesetting was made with the combination of a serif and a transitional typefaces: Gandhi and Museo. I picked Gandhi, a Mexican typeface made by the amazing bookstore Gandhi, because it delivers a perfect light black "stain" to the page in an overview, it's elegant and very easy to read.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

 National Governor's Conference of Mexico 
(design of Agreements books since 2005)

It has been an amazing experience to work with the National Governor's Conference of Mexico since 2005, designing and publishing the Governor's Agreements to strengthen the federalism throughout the country.
We are so grateful with the photographers who were the key contributor to achieve this extraordinary experience. Thanks also to all of collaborators and printers! We leave the links of some of these great photographers, as a serious recommendation for you!

Steve Filipiak
Edgardo Delfino
Carlos Hahn
Fernando Vega
Marcela Ibarra
René Ortega
Armando Saldaña Mendoza


jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

After 15+ years of experience, we decided to create our design/communication blog. It's all about what we do, what we have struggled, enjoyed and of course what we believe.

For us, the client is not always right, but the target is right with their own language and needs. We focus on that in each of our creations.

semioSCreation does not only design, but communicates. We always say something throughout the design. We speak even in the blank spaces on the page.

Design is music for our eyes. 

While you read us, you and us are already talking. 

Join us and post something! Thank you.