Change for Good

This breakthrough book is about how we as human beings make decisions –and how anyone involved in the field of social change can help individuals or groups to make positive choices using decision science. It draws on the latest thinking in behavioural economics, neuroscience and evolutional psychology to provide a powerful practical toolkit for fundraisers, campaigners, advocacy specialists, policy makers, health professionals, educationalists and social activists. It also shows how techniques in common use in commercial settings can be applied to the social sector.

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Change for Good (semioscreation)

Design Insights

Every editorial project we make is a unique body, the cover design is done in accordance with the interior pages, more even on text books where typeface and publishing design has to lead an easy reading experience. Contents, composition, wording, typeface, blanc spaces, chapters, subtitles are a body combined to offer functionality and charm, to make it comprehensable, readable and enjoyable.

The arrows were the key element to "guide" the reading as well as the path to achieve a "change for a better world". The cover has a background based on arrows pointing the opposite way than the one that holds the title, bracing the concept with an inverted word "Change".

Typesetting was made with the combination of a serif and a transitional typefaces: Gandhi and Museo. I picked Gandhi, a Mexican typeface made by the amazing bookstore Gandhi, because it delivers a perfect light black "stain" to the page in an overview, it's elegant and very easy to read. 

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