A poster must be a cry. 

The big challenge is to make it scream, howl, woop or maybe bark, to trap our amed walker. 

The problem is when the client decides (with no negotiation) to add tons of information. 

For us, the fact that nobody who walks by a poster would memorize a list of 58 requirements for a contest would be obvious, but it seems that for some chiefs it's not. 

Here some of our works which were submitted (or not) to that command...

1er Concurso Infantil y Juvenil de Cuento

 Concurso de Teatro Juvenil

For this youth theater contest, we didn't want to creat an avant-garde or a trend design poster, but to be effective, so we asked some actors what part of the theater would portray the theater experience. Surprisingly its was not the stage, but the backstage mirror, where they can see in their eyes what they are, and also what they are about to be. 

That transformation is given by the mirror. 

When the make up is finished, they are not themeselves anymore, so they are ready for the show.

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