Designing your next seminar eBook

If you are about to produce an eBook for your seminar, webinar or any other educational plan, make sure to hire a publishing designer. One could assume that a creative web designer, or even a cover designer and a typesetter can make a book. 
Yes, they can, but when it comes to match the book content with the corporate identity on pages, you don't want to lose the structure that will help the students to remember that content together with your identity.
To get it right, the book has to be clean, readable and memorable, which requires a typeface expert who knows about paragraph and character details, the rules and criteria for every level of information (legal page, styles, bullets, marginal or foot notes, glossary, etc.).
Never forget that your webinar eBook is still a book.
Please contact us. We will be thrilled to design your next eBook.
Susana Cabrera 


EASIEST. Applying Behavioural Economics to your Cause, 2020.
A concept developed by =mc The Management Centre
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