Change for Better. Behavior science lessons from the world's top practitioners

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At last a book that brings behavioural science out of the academic labs and supermarket aisles and makes it relevant to practitioners promoting social good through charity fundraising. The book brings together 17 global case studies put together by a team of 24 leading practitioners. 

In 400+ pages they share experiments they’ve conducted on how to apply behavioural science to fundraising. They cover a range of situations from improving street collections to boosting regular giving for humanitarian causes and even improved museum visitor collection boxes. The comprehensive content is in three parts: The first offers a radical new framework to create powerful supporter journeys: RAISE- Relevant, Appealing, Intuitive, Social and Easy. 

There’s also a section on the ethical issues in behaviourally-informed fundraising. Part two is detailed worldwide case studies carried out in a range of settings: online, on the doorstep, in mailboxes, in zoos, in galleries, in the street, in shopping malls and more. 

Each author describes their methodology and results making sure learning are carefully explained. Finally you’ll enjoy a glossary explaining key terms in behavioural science, and how to apply them to fundraising- plus a listing of helpful FREE resources any fundraiser can secure for free. 

The result? A comprehensive guide to the NEW science of fundraising. “I was impressed was how these charities went beyond traditional research techniques to assess the actual impact of their marketing initiatives.” Jon Puleston, Vice President, Kantar “I 100% guarantee any fundraiser, anywhere in the world, will take inspiration from the range of tools and experiences in this collection, and improve the success of their fundraising" Joe Jenkins, Executive Director of Social Impact The Childrens' Society “An invaluable resource for non-profits!" Su-Mei Thompson, CEO, Media Trust.

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